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About Us

Our Mission
Through caring service and education, we provide the residents of the St. Louis region with safe, affordable and accessible financial services and products.

Our Vision
We exist to increase the standard of living and better the lifestyle of our members, our staff and the communities we humbly serve.

St. Louis Community Credit Union is a progressive, full-service financial institution. Since our humble beginnings in 1942, we have embraced the credit union motto of "people helping people." We are committed to providing an outstanding selection of checking, savings and loan opportunities to help individuals and families create pathways to wealth.

We are a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), a Low-Income Designated credit union and a Minority Depository Institution as designated by the National Credit Union Administration.

Unlike other financial institutions, a credit union is owned by the people who save and borrow there. That’s why we call you a “member,” not a “customer.” Eligibility for credit union membership is determined by a common link, such as where you live, work or go to school.

Because St. Louis Community is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we can offer you better rates and fewer fees than most large financial institutions. Income the Credit Union earns from loans and investments is returned to members in the form of higher interest rates on savings accounts, lower interest rates on loans, and fewer fees. We meet the ever-growing banking needs of low- and moderate-income consumers.

When you do business with St. Louis Community, you are making a difference. Your membership actually means something. St. Louis Community Credit Union gives back to the community by:

  • offering affordable car and home loans, second-chance checking products, credit building services and a payday loan alternative
  • placing locations in underserved communities where we are needed most
  • building partnerships that uplift individuals and families through free financial education* and support
  • sustaining community outreach efforts that strengthen our region
  • serving as a jobs creator

These efforts provide a holistic approach to financial empowerment, thus making our community stronger.

Welcome to the community

As a CDFI, we take great pride in the neighborhoods we serve. We live here and we work here, so we’re actively involved in helping to improve our communities. We take a leadership role in the economic development, financial education* and, ultimately, the economic self-sufficiency of our communities. As a rule of thumb, we invest time and resources into developing offices, as well as product and service offerings that cater to underserved populations. We are truly embedded in the community with 14 area locations, three of which are within social service agencies.

Meaningful growth in our communities is something that doesn’t derive from a single organization’s efforts. As both a leader and business partner in the communities we serve, we have partnered with many local businesses and organizations, in our effort to affect positive change in the neighborhoods we share and in the St. Louis region as a whole.

As a not-for-profit credit union, St. Louis Community can provide our members with favorable interest rates, free or no-cost services, and lower or no fees. Because we can offer such attractive products and services, many business partners have added potential membership with St. Louis Community Credit Union as a benefit provided to their employees and their families.

Simply put, we deeply believe that people are worth more than money.

St. Louis Community Credit Union is more than a financial institution. And our connection to our members goes far beyond the financial services we provide. At the heart of our business is a purpose and a passion: to serve the underserved, to empower our members and to strengthen the communities where they live.

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*Certain project costs have been underwritten by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, Neighborhood Assistance Program.