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Second Chance Checking


Have you had some credit or account management problems in the past that have prohibited you from opening an account at a bank or credit union? Well, St. Louis Community can help you get back into mainstream banking with our Freedom "Second Chance" Checking Account.

Freedom Checking allows you to access our entire product and service portfolio, while reducing the major expenses related to alternative financial services. Once approved, you must open both a savings and checking account at the Credit Union. You'll receive a debit card, checks, and you can take advantage of Direct Deposit (if available through your employer). After 60 days, you may also qualify for Overdraft Privilege up to $200 – if you have Direct Deposit and keep your account in good standing.  And if your account remains in good standing for six months, you can request an upgrade to a Bronze, Silver or Gold checking account.*

With the help of Freedom Checking, you can increase your standard of living. To learn more or to apply for an account, visit the St. Louis Community branch nearest you.


*A service fee of $1 per returned item will be charged to the account per month, in addition to an $18 returned-check fee. Account holders have limited access to certain services, including no ATM deposits. Longer check holds may apply within Reg. CC guidelines. In the event an ATM is “offline” and cannot communicate balances, member will not be able to withdraw funds. The Freedom Checking Account must be active and in good standing (less than 10 returned items) for six months in order to request an upgrade to a Bronze, Silver or Gold checking account. See Credit Union for complete details.