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The social conscience of banking®

What’s in a name? Well, for St. Louis Community Credit Union, just about everything.

St. Louis – indicates the geographical region we serve.

Credit Union – describes our business.

Community – it’s the centerpiece of our name. Community signifies our focal point – who we serve.

Our commitment is also genuine and vast in scope. To us, serving our Community means:

  • Being the social conscience of banking®
  • Offering affordable car and home loans, second-chance checking products, credit building services and a payday loan alternative
  • Placing locations in underserved communities where we are needed most
  • Building partnerships that uplift individuals and families through free financial education* and support
  • Sustaining community outreach efforts that strengthen our region

The cooperative spirit – inherent in the foundation of every credit union – is vivacious and dynamic at St. Louis Community. That’s because we freely choose to be involved and committed to our communities.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t be living up to our name.

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Testimonials - St. Louis Community Credit Union

“I am writing to THANK YOU Jasmine [MSR], Jaison [Financial Literacy and Community Outreach Specialist], and the entire St. Louis Community Credit Union family on a job well done.

My story began when I graduated from Webster University in 2008. Due to the economy, I was only able to get a job with my current employer, where I’ve been for the past four, almost five years. Although, I am truly grateful for my current employment, working as a receptionist was not what I expected to do after graduating with my MA degree. While the past two years have really been troublesome for me, I am not able to live comfortably regarding my finances, living paycheck to paycheck.

My debt surpasses above and over what I bring home and has been skyrocketing ever since. It’s not like I am a shopaholic or spend my money on frivolous things, it’s the day-to-day expenses that I incur to make ends meet. At one time, I was waiting on my tax return so that I can solidify some of my current and past debt because my income just wasn’t enough. When I got the news that my refund was being intercepted to offset a previous debt, I did not know which way to go…feeling like I was at my lowest in life.

After going to Jasmine on numerous occasions to try and see what program worked for me, she suggested that I meet with Jaison for a one-one-one coaching session provided through the Excel Center®. After Jaison and I met, discussed my financial situation, and talked about other options that I may have regarding my debt, he had several suggestions that could possibly help my situation. Although, one of the options were to exhaust my car debt; I knew that this really was not an option for me, being a single parent of two and needing my vehicle for transportation. The only option I would consider having was getting another job in my career field.

Shortly after the coaching sessions with Jaison, Jasmine approached me with good news. She stated that she spoke with a loan representative who was willing to give me an opportunity to take care of some past debt and allow me to try and get back on track.

The products and services that you offer and the compassion for your members is truly remarkable!”
- Tyria E., Member, Saint Louis Community Credit Union

“Within recent years, it has become apparent that an increasing number of families in the Pattonville Community struggle to pay for the most basic of life’s necessities such as rent, utilities, food and clothing. In many cases, the need for support is beyond a one-time assistance, and results from credit, budgeting and financial illiteracy. Pattonville School District and partner agencies have worked to develop and implement research-based solutions to these issues in order to create a path to financial stability for families. St. Louis Community Credit Union has been an essential partner in the development of a comprehensive program (P5 Program) to assess the root causes of financial instability with individual families and equip them with the means to improve their situation. The P5 Program and St. Louis Community Credit Union, specifically, are currently working with Pattonville families to set financial goals, improve credit and save money for the purpose of achieving or maintaining residential stability, in addition to being able to afford basic needs.

St. Louis Community Credit Union was at the forefront of the development of the Asset-Building component of the P5 Program, which matches savings for eligible families, dollar for dollar, up to the designated amount. The Credit Union is also proving the mechanism by which we are able to administer the program. As a result of the partnership we have with St. Louis Community Credit Union and the other agencies involved, P5 has received funding from grants and other sources to pilot the program and move families toward financial stability.

In actual practice, we have received very positive feedback from those we have referred. Individuals report that they are treated with dignity, despite their financial record. They further report an increased understanding of the cycle they are in and more importantly, that there is a way out. We look forward to the continued partnership with St. Louis Community Credit Union and expect that the impact to the families we mutually serve will be immeasurable.”
Michael S., District Social Worker, Pattonville School District

“The resources provided by St. Louis Community Credit Union are without a doubt immeasurable in terms of information dispersed.

St. Louis Community Credit Union presents itself and offers resources to our clients a minimum of two times a month offering information on budgeting, saving, banking services, and making wise choices. Our clients gain knowledge regarding predatory lending schemes and how to research the best and most economical method for making big purchases.

Our clientele consists of ex-offenders, undereducated, and under-skilled individuals who, sometimes, no longer have ties to any banking facility and are therefore susceptible to paying more for the same services that others receive. The lifestyle and economics of this group definitely fits into the St. Louis Community Credit Union’s outreach scope. They are all low-to- moderate income, and deserving of an opportunity to improve their standard of living and develop a marked difference in their current lifestyle.

Most of our clients are not aware of the ease of working with St. Louis Community Credit Union. Our clients learn how working with them helps them to develop a better perspective on their finances and St. Louis Community Credit Union certainly creates an environment of trust. Our clients are able to confidently reveal their financial situation and become more receptive to the information and guidance provided.

St. Louis Community Credit Union provides an on-site service, where our clients can establish an account. This account will serve as the greatest tool our clients need, and that is an economical method for cashing their payroll checks.

On several occasions, I have heard clients state, “Signing up with the Credit Union is the best thing I’ve done in a long time.”
- Peggy M., Client Services Manager, Employment Connection


SLCCU/Excel Center®/Prosperity Connection®

“I have worked with St. Louis Community Credit Union for many years, here at the Urban League. The Credit Union has partnered with us to service the community in many ways: 1) quarterly Financial Literacy classes; 2) Credit Counseling Workshops; 3) Halloween Harvest Community Event; and 4) Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway, just to name a few. The Credit Union has been a very strong presence in the community helping to educate low-to-moderate income residents.

In 2012, the Excel Center came along and again Prosperity Connection reached out and connected with the community needs to empower residents with resources and to educate. Prosperity Connection has had a very strong presence in the community helping to educate low-to-moderate income residents. I was provided the privilege and pleasure of facilitating a Resume Writing & Marketing Workshop at the Excel Center. As a Director of Employment, it is crucial for job seekers to be ready and prepared at all times while looking for employment during these tough economic times. Prosperity Connection is a true benefit to the community at large…hands down.”
- Hollis W., Director of Employment, Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, Inc.

“Within the Pattonville School District, numerous families are challenged with low-to-moderate employment. In an effort to address financial stability, our partnership with the St Louis Community Credit Union and Prosperity Connection has proven to be a needed collaboration. Families have been referred by Pattonville School District Social Workers for services offered by St. Louis Community and the Foundation including one-on-one budget counseling, banking services, and continual support through phone contact.

As an example, a Pattonville single mother was referred to St. Louis Community Credit Union to open an account, seek financial counsel and budgeting. This specific parent also needed stable housing. The Credit Union provided budgeting skills and assisted the parent with establishing her account to automatically pay the apartment lease monthly. The collaboration among Pattonville School District, the Credit Union and the apartment leasing manger assisted this mother and her children in obtaining stable housing. Therefore, with additional community collaboration, it is projected that this single mother and her children will be financially stable within a 12-month period.

The partnership between Pattonville School District and St. Louis Community Credit Union is a grassroots effort with determined professionals, committed to the development of parents with the purpose of creating financial stability for years to come.”
- Cherie M., MSW, LCSW, School & Family Facilitator Early Childhood-Special Education, Pattonville School District