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Our Philosophy

St. Louis Community is a credit union with a conscience. We exist to provide low-cost, high-value products, services and financial resources as part of our overall giveback to the community.

But one of the things that makes us unique is our ability – and our desire – to serve consumers who are or have been considered "unbankable" by other financial institutions.

In fact, economic empowerment is a vital component of our overall mission, and because of this philosophy, we feel that St. Louis Community has become The Social Conscience of Banking® in this region.

By banking with us, you are helping the community. We successfully create economic empowerment through:

Solutions That Empower

Of course we offer the standard products and services you would expect from any full-service financial institution. But we also offer solutions to a market that has traditionally had to rely on higher-priced, alternative banking options in the past – such as high-cost payday lenders, check cashing facilities or nothing at all.

Why? Because we know these individuals are often victims of predatory lending and outrageous fees. Ironically, when this is the case, it does nothing more than perpetuate the downward financial spiral.

To learn more specifically about our unique products, click here.

Social Service Partners

St. Louis Community also works hand in hand with several social service agencies that help bring our well-tailored products to a segment of the population that needs an advocate, a “friend” in the world of financial services, to help them get financially back on track.

To learn more about some of the social service organizations with whom we've partnered, please click here.