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MAX 24-Hour Phone Teller

The new MAX 24-Hour Phone Teller Number is 314-421-7171!

You’re about to buy something at the store when you realize that you need to transfer funds from savings to checking in order to cover a check. Or you’re in a traffic jam and have some extra time to wonder what our new auto loan rates are these days. Or maybe you’re not a computer whiz, but you still want an easy way to get some information about your account.

Enter the MAX 24-Hour Phone Teller. With any touch-tone telephone, you can call our audio response system 24/7 and get the account information you need. You can check your account balances, get check clearing information, and perform a variety of transactions. You can even request a withdrawal – and a check made payable to you will be mailed by the next business day.

MAX 24-Hour Phone Teller is easy to use. Simply dial 314-421-7171. Then just follow the directions.

If you are calling MAX 24-Hour Phone Teller for the first time:

  1. Enter the last four digits of the primary account holder's Social Security number as your password. Note: this is NOT your debit card PIN.
  2. Follow the instructions to access your account.

Outside the St. Louis metro area, you can access MAX 24-Hour toll free by calling 1-866-534-7610 and selecting option 1.

There’s no cost to use the MAX 24-Hour Phone Teller. It’s just there to provide yet another convenient way to keep in touch with your money.