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No matter what your financial situation might be, St. Louis Community Credit Union has you covered. That’s because we provide a number of unique products and services to help you meet life’s challenges.

If you’ve had account management problems in the past, we’re sure you’ll find that our Freedom Second Chance Checking or Visa® MoneyMAX Card will work for you. And if you need an emergency loan but don’t have the best credit, we’ve got a payday loan alternative, as well as a title loan alternative.

But we don’t just offer products that cover your day-to-day expenses – we also offer services that will help you build a secure financial future. To build a budget and create a plan to pay off debt, we have a free service, the BALANCESM Financial Fitness Program. It provides a personal action plan to help you take control of your finances.

We also offer a host of services to help you build your credit. Did you know that your credit score can impact the interest rates you receive on loans, your ability to rent or purchase a home, even if a potential employer will hire you? To make your credit score the best it can be, we offer a Credit Builder Loan, free credit reporting and a Credit Check-Up service that will provide you personalized steps to improve your credit score.

At St. Louis Community, our number one priority is to improve our members’ standard of living and better their lifestyles. Our Financial Solutions products and services will provide you with the tools you need to financially succeed, now and in the future.