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Credit Check-Up

Want to know the status of your credit and how it can be improved? St. Louis Community provides our members access to their credit report and FICO score at no cost when you schedule a Credit Check-Up.*

With a Credit Check-Up, a Member Service Representative will provide a copy of your credit report and your FICO score, briefly review the highlights, and offer service solutions that may help put money back in your pocket. We’ll also offer ideas to help improve your credit score.

Your credit score plays a major factor in the quality of everyday life. It can influence the interest rate you pay on loans or credit cards, your ability to rent or purchase a place to live, the cost of auto insurance and even whether an employer will hire you in some cases.

The Credit Check-Up service is typically offered by appointment only.** If you are interested in learning more please call us at 314-534-7610 during normal business hours.


*A Credit Check-Up generates a hard hit inquiry on your credit bureau, which may impact your credit score.
** Our Credit Check-Up service is also offered during new account opening and loan applications. Membership rules apply.